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What's the Truth about Using Affirmations?

Jack Roberts

Does the practice of 'saying affirmations' really work?

We've all heard about using affirmations as part of our personal growth. But have you ever tried them? Most people who have tried using affirmations have done so with mixed results. Some people have trouble with affirmations because affirmations sometimes 'feel like a lie'. And frankly, a lot of people feel that they just dont work at all.

But using affirmations is one of those teachings that just doesn't seem to go away. A lot of people still believe in them and many respected speakers still preach the use of them.

But there are still some big questions about using affirmations:

  1. If they do work, why dont they work all the time? 
  2. Is there a proper way to 'say' them? 
  3. How long do I have to wait for what Im affirming to show up ?

Well, I want to clear away some of the fog about using affirmations.


Affirmations can be used to destroy bad habits and create good ones. Affirmations can help you get clear and stay focused. Affirmations can help you speed up the progress on your goals. Affirmations keep you balanced and calm. Affirmations can help you live the life you want. Affirmations can change your life.

The key, is that you really need to know how to use them. It is important to first understand what affirmations are really all about. In a nutshell, affirmations are everything you think, say, believe, feel and do. So if you've ever recited affirmations that just didn't happen in your life, it's because there is some conflict between what you are saying and who you are.

Once you come to an understanding of what affirmations are, you need to know how they work. I dont have enough room in this article to explain it all, but understand that our affirmations directly relate to our energy. Our energy directly relates to the Universe. The Universe relates back to us. So in other words, our affirmations work based on (again) who we are.

Are you starting to notice a common thread? You see, the affirmations really have no power in the Universal scheme of things, it is you that has all the power. Affirmations are simply a tool; a tool for influencing you. And you - by way of your energy (or vibrations) and your actions, influence the Universal flow as it relates to your life.


Affirmations are truly the key to getting yourself in line with what you want, need and desire in life. You see, affirmations, when used properly, change the way you think. They change the way you look at things; at yourself, your problems, your hopes and dreams. Once you change the way you think, feel and believe - you can then take the appropriate action to manifest your desires. And when you become harmonious with your affirmations - the things you are affirming began to show up.


Affirmations operate in our lives whether we use them or not. If left unchecked, our affirmations are whatever feelings and thoughts are going on inside us. Those feelings and thoughts become our reality. That explains why we wind up with things in our lives that we dont want, and dont always get the things we do want. So whether you believe in the power of affirmations or not - they are already operating in your life. Thats why it is wise to learn to understand and use them properly.

In order to really get a full understanding of how these principles work, grab a copy of my e-book, 'Affirmative Power!' Its available on our website at

Now, Im going to help you understand some very important principles about affirmations, so that you can start using them effectively today.


  1. Before using affirmations, take time to study how and why they work. Once you come to an understanding of them, your affirmations will become much more effective.

  2. Using affirmations out of a book are fine, but the most effective ones are the ones you write yourself. When you write your own affirmations - they are you, from your heart and soul. Even if you see a really great affirmation in a book, change it somewhat so that it becomes yours.

  3. Write your affirmations so that they are stated in a positive, powerful way. 

  4. Have a special time and place for your affirmations. Recite them with energy and conviction. Recite them on a regular basis - at least twice a day. And if an affirmation feels stale - tweak it, change it, or trash it and start over.

  5. Develop a strong faith to support your affirmations. Without a strong faith, your affirmations have little chance of success.

  6. Live your affirmations. Remember when I said that 'you are your affirmations'? You have to embody them - live them. And your affirmations have to reflect who you are, how you feel and what you believe.

Affirmations are extremely powerful yet, they are one of the most overlooked techniques for personal growth. This is because most people do not understand how they work. Do yourself one of the biggest favors of your life, learn about the power of affirmations, and how to use them properly. Put these principles to work in your life. If you do, you will see your life change in ways that will pleasantly suprise and delight you.

Ultimately Yours,

Jack Roberts 'The Dean of Affirmations'

Jack Roberts has been a speaker, trainer and author of personal development material for over 15 years. He was a 'personal coach' even before the term or the industry existed. Jack is the author of several books including 'Affirmative Power!' and 'Ultimately You'. You can find these books as well as links to other great resources at

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Whether you call them affirmations or positve self-talk or self-esteen training affirmations are an excellent personal growth tool. In addition to being a tool for positive thinking they help you to do something even more important: They help to get you to DO the things necessary to improve. Knowledge isn't power, applied knowledge is power. Same for affirmations. If you just say them and don't work them not much will happen.