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My favorite illustration of how true the following article is the Canoe Trip from Heck that my family and I took some time back. We were total canoe novices. We were going with friends down the Russian River in California. To make a long story short it was grueling. The water was very low, so there was little current to carry us down. What current there was tended to sweep us into stumps and trees.

Then we noticed that when there was a stump coming up we'd look at the stump and try to paddle away. We hit it every time. When we tried looking at a point away from that stump, and paddling toward that point, we'd miss the stumps, every time. If you visualize where you want to go you're a lot more likely to get there.

How to Optimize the Awesome Power
of Thoughts and Imagination

by: Michael Lee

Give me 10 Minutes a day
and I will show you how to create the life of your dreams! Impossible? Not for Tony Robbins, Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and many others who have discovered the power of Affirmation and Visualization.

Have you encountered a time when you were in a traffic jam and was running late for an important meeting? Did you stay calm and focused? Or did your mind wander into the dark side of the impending consequences that may occur.

If you're always picturing people getting mad at you and thinking of negative outcomes, then your body suffers as well. You may experience chest pains, anxiety disorders, indigestion, and other health problems. Why worry when you can't do anything about the situation?

Moreover, you don't even know yet what will happen yet. Both good and bad things happen unexpectedly. Why bother to worry? It's just not worth it.

Your mind directly influences your body's capabilities and reactions; so if you always project negative thoughts and images in your mind, your body suffers as well. But if you always think of positive and enthusiastic stuffs, your body will react positively.

The mind is an absolute powerhouse, a dream granter, and goal achiever, all rolled into one. But do you know how to optimize it for best performance?

Many times we've heard people say that "If you think you can or you can't, you're right."

That is so true. But do you know exactly how to use your thoughts in reaching what you desire to achieve?

They say affirmations work. Yes, they do. But the results might be minimal and might not turn out according to your expectations.

Do you want to know a method that is much more powerful? What I'm going to tell you is a technique that is so effective in itself; that if you combine it with affirmations, then you possess one of the deadliest combos of self-improvement.

Want to know the secret? Here it is.

Visualize images. It's as simple as that. Our mind communicates with our body using images. You know that the thought of people getting angry with you can negatively affect your health. Otherwise, picturing yourself relaxing at your favorite vacation spot can ease some of your stress.

The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

Take this exercise.

Imagine the juiciest whole piece of fried chicken right in front of you. You can smell its tempting aroma. You sliced it into pieces and heard the crispy crunching sound. Picture yourself taking a large bite and enjoying the gastronomic experience.

Did that made your mouth water? Did that made you hungry? Images are very powerful and can be used to improve your health, attain your goals, and achieve anything that you put your mind into.

For instance, you're a burn victim. You have a wound that is quite agonizing. Don't just say, "Hey, burn wound. Get out of my skin." Picture it in your mind getting smaller and smaller. Visualize it melting and vanishing into thin air.

You may imagine the wound itself healing miraculously, or you may designate any object of your choice to represent that wound. For example, you visualize a black stone as a symbol of your illness. Imagine that object shrinking and disintegrating slowly.

As you're thinking of this, feel your wound and all negative forces simultaneously going along with the action of the black stone. Let them become smaller and smaller until they have ceased to exist.

So which technique is better - imagining the real thing or assigning a representational object to it? It all depends on you. Pick and apply the method that you are more comfortable with, the one that you are more inclined to think and visualize upon.

But it's not as easy as you think. Practice makes perfect. One way you can optimize the power of imagination is by becoming more observant and meticulous. If you're going to use a certain flower in your visualization, go to the park and become a keen observer of that flower. Touch it. Smell it. Feel its texture. The more senses involved, the more powerful your visualization will become.

Visualization can be a very powerful tool in getting what you want in life. Practice and apply it often. You'll be amazed at the results.

About The Author

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